Almost 500 Indoor/Outdoor Upholstery Fabric Choices

At Discounted Designer Fabrics we offer Indoor/Outdoor upholstery materials in almost 500 different colors and patterns. Many of our Indoor/Outdoor upholstery choices are embossed to emulate different types and finishes of leather upholstery materials. A few of the Indoor/Outdoor upholstery materials emulate reptile skins. Others in the of our Indoor/Outdoor upholstery material selection have the look of various cow or pig-skins.

But what if you’re not after a leather upholstery look? What if you simply want a colorful upholstery material that’s well suited for deck or patio furniture? If that’s the case, you’ll find our wholesale, designer discount pricing applies to hundreds of colorful pattern and solid-colored upholstery materials too.

Looking for Indoor/Outdoor upholstery material that displays paisley, floral or the most contemporary patterns? Our Indoor/Outdoor upholstery selection and wholesale designer discounts will make you smile.

What about quality and durability of our Indoor/Outdoor upholstery materials?

First off, like all our upholstery fabrics, every one of our Indoor/Outdoor upholstery materials is of the highest quality. We don’t sell seconds. All of our Indoor/Outdoor upholstery materials are classed as Heavy Duty and are made from either 100% Virgin Vinyl, acrylic or polyester.

Like all the other upholstery fabrics from which you can choose at Discounted Designer Fabrics, our Indoor/Outdoor upholstery fabric offerings are shipped free of charge when you order 5 or more yards of our upholstery material.

Want to see all our Indoor/Outdoor upholstery materials at once? Click here and select “Indoor/Outdoor” in the Style column. (If you have a specific color or pattern design of Indoor/Outdoor upholstery fabric in mind, also click those choices in the first two columns.)

Already Know the Fabric You Want?

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