Choose from Over 300 Microfiber/Suede Upholstery Fabrics

Microfiber upholstery fabrics create the look and feel of suede on pieces upholstered with them. Some of our microfiber upholstery fabrics splash brighte colors into a room creating the look of suede leather upholstery that’s been dyed red, orange yellow or any of a dozen different shades and hues. Others in our microfiber/suede upholstery fabric selection are distinguished by their patterns. Some of these microfiber upholstery fabrics display exotic animal fur patterns; while dozens of these special suede-look upholstery fabrics are done with the most contemporary designs..

With our wholesale prices, Discounted Designer Fabrics, makes all our microfiber/suede upholstery fabrics very affordable. But perhaps more important, instead of just dozens of microfiber upholstery fabrics, our inventory includes over 300 microfiber/suede upholstery fabric choices.

What about quality and durability of our microfiber/suede upholstery fabrics?

First of all, like all our upholstery fabrics, every one of our microfiber/suede upholstery materials are of the highest quality. We don’t sell microfiber/suede upholstery fabrics seconds. Every one of our microfiber/suede upholstery fabrics is classified as heavy duty – made from either 100% nylon or polyester fibers.

Like all the other upholstery fabrics from which you can choose at Discounted Designer Fabrics, our microfiber/suede upholstery fabric offerings are shipped free of charge when you order 5 or more yards of our upholstery fabrics.

Want to see all our microfiber/suede upholstery fabrics at once? Click here and select “Microfiber/Suede” in the Style column. (If you have a specific microfiber/suede upholstery color or pattern style in mind, check off those also in the first two columns.)

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