Dozens of Upholstery Fabrics With Southwestern Patterns

When your design concept includes the use of southwestern-themed upholstery fabric, you need to peruse what we’ve gathered together in this site. Looking for uphostery fabrics with a laid-back color palette? You will find them here. Looking for southwestern-themed upholstery fabrics woven with brigher earth-tones? We offer you a choice of many.

Within our southwest upholstery fabric category, you can choose from three different upholstery fabric styles: chenille, damask/jacquard, and tapestry.

And, with our wholesale prices, Discounted Designer Fabrics’ southwestern-themed upholstery pattern fabrics are very affordable. But perhaps importantly, virtually everything in the upholstery fabric category is in stock for immediate delivery.

What about quality and durability of our southwestern-themed upholstery pattern fabric?

First off, like all our upholstery fabrics, all our southwest upholstery fabric offerings are of the highest quality. We don’t sell seconds. Virtually all of our these upholstery pattern fabrics are classified as heavy duty. The composition of each upholstery material is clearly identified in the site’s Detail views so you can make wise purchase decisions.

The detail view of each upholstery fabric in the southwestern category also indicates the fabric’s railroading and pattern repeat characteristics.

Like all the other upholstery fabrics from which you can choose at Discounted Designer Fabrics, our southwestern pattern upholstery fabric offerings are shipped free of charge when you order 5 or more yards of our upholstery fabrics.

Want to see all our southwestern upholstery fabric patterns at once? Click here and select “Southwestern” at the top of the Pattern column. (If you have a specific fabric color for your southwestern material in mind, add that choice in the first column.)

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