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Upholstery fabric and faux leather primarily is thought of for redoing your furniture. However, these materials offer vibrant colors, patterns and durability that allows them to be versatile for DIY crafts. The DIY craze is here to stay, and with a little help from our fabrics, you can start your next project today. From coasters to wall coverings and framed art, the possibilities are endless. Upholstery fabrics are a perfect way to add a splash of color and fun to your project(s). Take a look at some inspiration below.

Fabric Wall Gallery

upholstery fabric wall gallery

Upholstery fabric or vinyl is perfect for home decor. Try creating a ‘gallery wall’ like above by framing your favorite vibrant upholstery fabrics like cotton prints. As an alternative to framing your fabric, you can get canvas board from your local crafts store, and wrap the board with your chosen fabrics. To keep the material on the board, just staple the edges to wood on the back of the board. If using one fabric on a board is too mainstream, put together a collage of fabrics. Novelty fabrics in particular, like ones with script or animals, can make it stand out even more.

Modern Greek Key Cork Board

greek key upholstery cork board

Cork boards are a great way to keep things organized, and not lose your notes! However, they are not very attractive. This rendition of the classic cork board using greek key upholstery fabric by our friends at Lets Get Crafty is both functional and visually appealing. This is a great way to put a splash of color in your office, study or other space. The nail heads on the cork board are actually fake nail head trim which are sold on a roll. This can be found at your local craft store or on Amazon. Any fabric should be good for this, as long as it is not overly heavy. Cotton prints or indoor/outdoor fabrics are perfect!

Restored Lamp Shade

restored lampshade with upholstery fabric

This project is shockingly simple and takes just minutes to complete, but the end result will look great forever. If you get sick of the fabric on the lampshade, don’t forget it is easy to replace it with fresh fabric. You only need 1 yard of fabric, glue and a scissors to complete it! Emily Clark provides a great step by step (only a few steps needed) tutorial.

Faux Leather Covers and Cases

faux leather cases diy

Another great DIY project with upholstery vinyl or faux leather is covering your books or electronics. Our customer, Geekify, uses some of our faux leathers to create unique book bindings and iPad cases as seen above.

Remember having to cover your school books in grade school? There used to be two options, a grocery bag or buying the very thin stretchy book covers from the “back to school” aisle. Your children have a new option: cover them with fabric or faux leather. The designs and colors are nearly endless, and much more appealing/unique than a Kroger or Albertsons grocery bag. In the generation of individualism, your child will love the idea of standing apart with these book covers. Upholstery fabric is especially great for these, as it is durable and thick enough for the glue not to seep through.

Upholstery Fabric Frame

upholstery fabric frame
We discussed creating fabrics that are framed, but why not frame a picture you cherish using fabric as the frame? This project is relatively simple, requires little fabric, and most importantly: looks awesome! Just take a frame from around your house, or buy an inexpensive one. There is no need to buy an expensive frame, as it won’t be seen. Our crafty DIY friends at Makezine have a great step by step tutorial to making your perfect frame!

Extra Fabric Samples Laying Around?

If you shopped for upholstery fabric recently, chances are you have acquired several samples. Fabric samples are great for seeing and feeling the material in person. Also, you probably have heard or realized that monitors display colors differently online, and without samples you can be left frustrated with the “true” color. When you choose a fabric, don’t throw away the samples. Instead, checkout these three DIY projects that you can reuse them for.

Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bag

stuffed animal sleeping bag

This project is sure to win you parent of the year! What a great way to ensure your children’s toys stay warm and sleep well at night! Your child will love tucking their barbies or plush toys in at night.

upholstery fabric pencil holder fabric coaster from fabric samples

Fabric Pencil Holders

Really this could be done for any holder, but in this instance, the classic pencil holder has received a modern DIY makeover. This simple project, made by our crafty friends at tinygoldengirl.com will make your pencil holder stand out from the rest! Be warned, it may attract pen or pencil borrowers!

Fabric Coasters

This project above, found on Pinterest, is a great way to use your fabric samples or extra materiel from your upholstery project. With some simple sewing, your coasters can be completely custom made with your choice of fabric.

Ideas For Finding Fabric

-Left over fabric from an upholstery project
-Intentionally order an extra yard or two for your next fabric project
-Bundles of remnant fabrics sold on Etsy or local craft stores
-Fabric samples from your recent upholstery project

Do you have a fabric of vinyl project you would like to share with us? We would love to feature you in our Customer Showcase. Please e-mail photos to [email protected]

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