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Every fabric has different characteristics including durability. In the upholstery industry, the term “double rubs” is often associated with the longevity of a fabric. Every fabric and faux leather that we sell, meets or exceeds all standards for upholstery use. All of our products show their double rub count on their product page. Below are general guidelines that will help you be confident in your fabric or faux leather choice.


Less than 15,000 double rubs: Lightly used furniture or drapery.
Over 15,000 double rubs: Heavy duty, and great for any room in your house.

Commercial and Hospitality

25,000 or more double rubs: The standard for offices, conference rooms and dining areas.
Over 30,000 double rubs: Extra heavy duty, and great for all spaces, especially where heavy usage can occur. Perfect for hotels, church pews, lobbies and other high use areas.

Tip: You can always add a protective anti-ageing and stain guard to untreated fabrics cheaply and easily to make the fabric more durable and stain repellent.

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