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Fabric and Vinyl Contents

All of our upholstery fabrics and faux leathers are made to last. All of our fabrics meets or exceed the standards for upholstery. Below you will find what every fabric content we offer adds to your new fabric’s look, feel and durability. No matter which fabric you decide on, you can be sure it is of the utmost quality.

Acrylic Fabric
Acrylic textiles are lightweight and soft. Acrylic fibers have fade resistance, and are more resilient than many other fibers. Acrylic fabrics are resistant to oils and sunlight exposure.

Cotton is one of the most popular natural fibers. It is known for its look and feel. Cotton features great breathability and can absorb water better than many other fabrics. In addition, cotton will resist pilling.

Flax, an environmentally friendly fiber, comes from the same plant as linen. Flax is soft and durable, and will hold its color over time.

Nylon features stain resistance, and is easy to clean. Nylon is known to be abrasion resistant, and highly resilient. Nylon, when compared to polyester, is slightly superior in durability.

Olefin is known for its ability to resist stains, fading and water. This synthetic fiber is easy to clean, and often used for outdoor fabrics, as well as indoor fabrics.

Polyester is one of the strongest fiber contents. Polyester will resist stretching, shrinking, mildew and abrasion. Polyester is used to make several types of fabrics including microsuede, chenille and velvet. Polyester is great on its own, or when combined with other fibers.

Polyurethane is a synthetic faux leather material that is becoming increasingly popular in the upholstery world. Polyurethane is PVC free, unlike vinyl. Polyurethane offers several advantages for upholstery, including its extreme strength, stain resistance, softness and a true leather look and feel.

Rayon, which is also known as viscose, is a popular content in upholstery fabrics. It is known for its softness and comfort.

Recycled Leather
Recycled leather is also known as recast or split leather. Recycled leather is a popular genuine leather alternative because it features the look and feel of leather, while also being sold by the yard, easy to maintain and consistent in color. The backing of recycled leather is genuine leather which makes the material soft, while the front is polyurethane, which gives the material a leather look.

Vinyl is commonly used for high use furniture. This material is very durable, stain resistant, and versatile. Often, vinyl will also be made for marine use, by putting a top coat that resists mildew, water, bacterial and fading. An attractive property of vinyl is its resistance to wear and tear.

Fabric Finishes

Crypton is a great example of technological innovation in the upholstery world. Crypton is applied to specific types of materials that first undergo rigorous testing. Crypton makes a fabric easy to clean, resist abrasion and prevents against aging and bacteria. Crypton can be disinfected easily, liquid spills will bead up on the material, and does not prevent the fabric from “breathing.”

Teflon is a finish that can be applied after market, or comes on many pretreated fabrics. Teflon makes a fabric increasingly durable, repels water, oil and stains, and resists aging.

Scotchgard is perhaps the most popular stain protectant, and can be applied after market. Although, some fabrics are already pretreated with scotchgard. Scotchgard pusehs stains away from your fabric, so the material is easier to clean. Scotchgard does not affect the breathability or look of your fabric.

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