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Upholstery Fabric Crafts

Most people tend to be intimidated by fabric do it yourself projects, but they are some of the easiest ways to give any room an update or add in some fun decor to your home. Whether you take on projects yourself, or turn it into a fun group activity, these projects will undoubtedly bring you and your home joy.

Giant Monogram Letters
Giant letters are popular home décor items, especially in children’s rooms. They can easily be customized by wrapping them with fabric or vinyl, using a staple gun to secure the material, and adding an outline of decorative nail head trim to make it pop. Our leather looks are a great choice for this project, as we carry many different fun textures and colors that will give the letter a regal and stately finish. Infarrantly Creative has a great tutorial of making the shown large letter D.

DIY Headboards

Headboards are some of the most popular do it yourself fabric projects you can find, and they can be super easy. Even the most inexperienced do-it-yourselfer can accomplish this project. For headboards, the best type of fabric to use is something heavy duty. The colors and patterns should bring peace and calm to your bedroom. Velvet, faux leather and jacquards are often popular material choices. We have you covered at discounted prices, plus you will only need 5 or less yards. Sarah Dorsey at Sara Dorsey Designs has a great tutorial for the tufted headboard shown (a little advanced, but very helpful instructions), while Jennifer Meyering provides an equally helpful tutorial for a more basic headboard like the other shown headboard. Click on the headboards above for their tutorials.

Dresser Makeover

Giving the drawers on your dresser or even on the bathroom vanity a new look, can be simple with a little bit of duck fabric. You will want to go with a heavier duty fabric to hold up against all the wear and tear that drawers tend to receive. You can choose a solid color or go with a simple pattern of stripes for a chic and modern look. Drawers can also be detailed with nail heads to create a high end, stunning design. Try creating an abstract design, rather than just a border – it will surely impress! Plus, if the bottom of the inside drawers have seen better days, you can cover that with fabric as well! Jessica Watson, at She Knows, provides an awesome tutorial for your dresser makeover.

Decorative Cork Boards

Looking to add a little bit of excitement to your office space? Try creating your own stylish cork board. This can be a fairly quick and simple do it yourself project. The end result can liven up your workspace and increase your motivation and productivity. The best type of fabric to use for this type of project is a cotton or similarly thin fabric. Cotton fabrics have a large selection of colors, patterns and textures so you can get really creative. Lightweight fabric will be easier to work with and you will be able to push a tack through it easily. Simply cover the cork board with the fabric and use a staple gun to keep it in place. For a more decorative look, add a custom nail head pin border. Emily, from Name 5 Things, has a great tutorial.

With these simple do it yourself ideas and our reasonable prices, you can have a new and updated look in any room, and as often as you would like.

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