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When my husband and I moved in together 5 years ago, our furniture for the most part moved with us. One of the sofas we moved, was his versatile bachelor pad sofa-bed to accommodate our guests.

After we bought our first condo, I began shopping for a newer sofa. Total sticker shock. Not only was a new sofa expensive, it was also clear that new pieces of furniture were seriously lacking quality manufacturing and good material. The options for upholstery fabric were also limited. Some places allow you to bring your own material, but that led to additional surcharges by the furniture store, and a long lead time of over 8 weeks.

Reupholstering the sofa became the ideal option. This route was budget friendly, and allowed us complete flexibility in choosing the perfect upholstery fabric. I began my online search for a quality fabric. I needed to make sure our chosen fabric would last through the next stage of our life. We hope that will include a furry friend and a few children. Research brought us to microfiber upholstery fabric. I learned this material would be easy to clean and naturally stain resistant. After seeing the video below, I was confident this material would withstand almost anything.

We decided on a solid microfiber. At first we were a little hesitant because solid light color fabric tends to show stains and dirt, but we fell in love with the color. We took a gamble, and it paid off. Our fabric always looks great, and has been very easy to clean with a little soap and water. I now enjoy looking at the once scorned sofa-bed!



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